Test yourself

Test yourself

Find hereunder a selection of tests you can do in order to assess your nutritional, hormonal and psychological situation. However, this non-exhaustive list of test is not a substitute to your consultation. The tests are made to direct you in a direction but are in no way a complete medical diagnostic. Our doctors are here to deliver you an advance medical check-up based on the combination of your questionnaires, physical examination, urine and blood test results analysis.

Check your nutritional / vitamin deficiencies

Contrary to a widespread belief, Europeans are not immune to vitamin deficiencies. A good diet will not be sufficient to protect your against nutritional / vitamin deficiencies. Age, life stages (newborn, adolescent, pregnancy, menstrual cycles…), lifestyle or even some diseases are factors that may influence and increase your deficiency in vitamins. Test your nutritional category by clicking below.

Test your nutritional status


Check your hormonal profile

When properly balanced, hormonal therapies are preventive treatments which enable to delay, reduce or cure diseases by stimulating your immunity against potential infections. The optimal level of a specific hormone can vary from one patient to another; therefore hormone therapies should be tailor-made for each individual. Our doctors will closely monitor the combination of your hormone therapy with your nutritional therapy, in order to ensure an appropriate and effective treatment. By the mean of the below tests, define your hormonal status and meet us for a consultation in order to determine the appropriate treatment.

Test your hormonal status

Psychological complaints of hormone deficiencies

You are experiencing anxiety, insomnia and nocturnal ruminations? Maybe you are lacking Melatonin.

You are prone to panic attacks? You get tired easily? You have difficulties to recover after an effort? You are depressive? You need to sleep often? You have erection dysfunction? Perhaps you have a Growth Hormone deficiency.

You feel a lack of concentration, slow in your movements and tired as soon as you wake up? You may have a thyroid deficiency.

You find it difficult to resist to stress? You are nervous and irritable? You have problems to control your emotions? You are tired and you lack energy? You have noticed a loss of appetite? You may be suffering from a lack of cortisol.

You have noticed that you are depressed, anxious, often tired for no specific reasons, you have lost your libido (women) or have erection problems (men)? Maybe your DHEA is too low.

Lack of attention? Need to lie down during the day? Distracted? Perhaps you are lacking Aldosterone.

You perceive a decreased libido, impaired memory and depression? You may have low Estrogen levels.

You are anxious? Irritable? You have superficial and restless nights? You might be missing Progesterone (Woman Men ).

You are prone to anxiety, hypersensitivity when facing difficulties, depression during the day, and decreased or absent libido (in women) or sex drive (in men)? Perhaps Testosterone level is low (Woman Men).

Download all the tests in a unique document


Aptitudes to a longer life

For a longer and healthier life, opt for the combination of nutritional and hormonal therapies supported by the appropriate psychological attitudes. Hereunder find a few tips which can help you live longer, and which are often encountered in healthy and active centenarians.

Use of positive attitudes


Avoidance of adverse psychological attitudes


Test your psychological state

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