Why come to a consultation ?

The consultation at Dr. Hertoghe’s Clinic is based on a functional and preventive medicine. Dr. Hertoghe works with an array of hormonal therapies. At the cutting edge of anti-aging, the clinic works with unique and more info on frequently asked questions about bio-identical hormones.


The body functions with several hormones. However, it is important to make sure they are well balanced one with another

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

The consultation includes the supplementation of sexual, thyroid, adrenal (such as DHEA, cortisol…), pituitary (such as vasopressin, growth hormone…) and pineal hormones in addition to the treatment of neurotransmitter deficiencies, nutriment deficiencies, along with nutritional advice.

The consultation also aims to prevent and act against the appearance of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke…), degenerative diseases (Alzheimer…), inflammatory diseases (rheumatism), cancers…

Whether you wish to treat effectively a disease, optimize your health, improve your lifestyle, reverse the aging process, heal or alleviate diseases which do not seem to improve or boost your lost energy and stamina, the consultation is adapted to your needs… whatever your age is.

Look after your hormones, they will look after you!

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

Medical conditions which can be improved :

The following problems can be treated if they are due to a hormone or nutritional deficiency, an inadequate diet, an unfavorable environment or an inadequate psychological attitude: