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Business Development Intern

Due to the growing concerns around the coronavirus (COVID19) and travel restrictions around the globe, many of our congresses and events have been canceled. We would like to share our support for our partners from the emergent markets (Argentina, Brazil, Thailand…) who have invested in Dr. Hertoghe’s trainings, by creating video conferences (webinar) facilities in order to join you during these difficult times.

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“Hi Everybody,

My name is Liam, I am 21 years old and I am in my last bachelor year of International Business with a double specialization in Finance and Emerging Markets.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak I had to come back earlier from my original internship in Thailand and find a new internship here in Brussels. Luckily, I had the opportunity to be an intern at the Dr. Hertoghe Medical School. Some of my tasks included the coordination between more than 20 countries (Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.) as the Dr. Hertoghe Medical School is launching a brand-new project. Additionally, my supervisor paid special attention to my personal development by allowing me to perform some tasks that are crucial to any new project. I was in charge of creating a financial plan as well as conducting several market analyses.

I finished my 1-month internship 3 days ago, and I can certainly recommend working at the Dr. Hertoghe Medical School. This is a great environment for people that are looking for challenging workplaces and that wish to learn and develop some hard as well as soft skills. In such a fast-paced environment, I had the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short amount of time!

It was such a fruitful experience and I wish the team a lot of success with their new project! ”

Liam K.


Marketing & Communications Intern

Always with new projects in mind, the Marketing & Communications team is looking for a motivated person to help realize these projects (development of social network, creation of Ebook, coordinating events…). Send us your CV and your cover letter: office@hertoghe.eu

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I had the opportunity to do a two-and-a-half month internship in the communications team. With a marketing and communication background, the medical world was new to me. However, I enjoyed it a lot, my missions were varied and always very rewarding: writing publications for social networks, drafting mailings, creating visuals, participating in events … I learned to use tools that will be essential throughout my studies and career: Adobe Suite, WordPress, Facebook Business, etc. I would like to thank the entire team for their hospitality, and especially the communication team for sharing their knowledge with me over these two months.

Anaëlle S.

Secretary / Administrative Intern

Come and discover the secretarial, accounting and marketing world of our organization. Send us your CV and your cover letter: office@hertoghe.eu

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The medical sector was not my first choice, therefore, I apprehended this internship. But I do not regret anything. The team warmly welcomed me and gave me varied tasks. This internship reassured me in my desire to do this job. The highlight of these three weeks was that I never got bored. The work is pleasant and serious with a touch of creativity. Thank you again to the entire team for their trust.

Sephora B.

Student Job – Scientific References

We are looking for a medical student to update scientific references (for publication).


| Medical student

| Scientific references know-how

| Bilingual English / French

| Autonomous, dynamic and curious

Send us your CV and your cover letter: office@hertoghe.eu