Women’s International Sports Day

For the Women’s International Sports Day, my colleague Dr. Benoit Poutet will give you some tips:

“I’m going to talk to you about sports, not in a classic way by promoting its benefits because you will see this in many other posts than mine.

As far as I’m concerned, sports must always remain a friend. It cannot make us suffer (we are not all top athletes!). If this were the case, we would have to ask ourselves the question of the validity, the frequency, the intensity and the style of exercises that we do. In addition, intensive sport can create hormonal, mineral, hydric, vitamin, … deficiencies. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see men or women in their forties super sporty but completely exhausted between each intensive sports session. They will draw on their reserves and consume everything that can be. This spending overload, exclusively dedicated to physical performance, will leave the person with only a small part of professional, family and social life. In this case, an optimization of the reserve could be sought.
By correcting food, mineral, vitamin and hormonal intake, the athlete can see again the balance of the benefits side of the sport.

To you, Sport my Friend.”