The article of the month of July – Special Holidays with Dr. Naett

The sun is shining and many of you are on vacation, the usual advice we hear is to drink enough and protect yourself from the sun to prevent dehydration and oxidation of the skin by UV exposure. It is right, but besides being on vacation your body needs rest and relaxation. This is an opportunity to recharge the batteries and adjust the doses of the supplements you need to take. Indeed being at rest you have less stimulation and your body takes advantage of this drop (in stimulation) to relax. This is an opportunity to reduce supplementation doses by 15 to 20%.

You are on holidays and your body needs rest, and in case you didn’t know, energy levels drop mainly because you are at rest. The cells do a molecular repair job and avoid oxidation which is a major factor of cell damage and aging.

The advice for this summer is to decrease your treatment doses by 10 to 15% to let your body’s cells rest. The cells need to be eliminated to make room for young cells. After a dose reduction, you stimulate cell regeneration by taking the appropriate doses in September.