Blue Monday: Dr Stéphane Resimont’s Nutritional Tips

Do you still feel the depression of Blue Monday? Dr. Stéphane Resimont will give you excellent nutritional advice!

Did you know you could feel better by rebalancing your diet? Everything you eat has a direct result on your brain and your microbiota. A healthy and balanced diet will provide your brain with all the nutrients needed for neurotransmitter synthesis. First of all, make sure you have enough protein intake and, if possible, eat some during the first two meals of the day, especially in the morning. The amino acids provided will be used to synthesize the various neurotransmitters that act directly on the mood such as “calming” serotonin, Gaba and dopamine/noradrenaline: “stimulating”.

What reflexes to adopt? At breakfast, favor protein (animal or vegetable). Lunch should also contain protein to provide all the amino acids essential to your well-being. Some fats are also important, especially omega-3 long chains. It is therefore recommended to focus on fish rich in EPA and DHA: sardines, herring, mackerel and to a lesser extent tuna (️frequently highly polluted) and salmon. It is also quite possible to provide alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant precursor, via seasonings based on rapeseed, walnut, camelina, argan, and flax oil.

WARNING! Avoid food with a high glycemic index as they can cause sudden mood swings.

Food glycemic index

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