Are women more evolved?

Today we are celebrating the International Women’s day! 🎉
Sometimes I tend to say that women are more evolved than men because they produce more estrogen. On the other hand, men are not able to produce estrogen from their testosterone 😀

Did you know that men are experiencing a feminization of their face and skull? In fact, over the millennia, the skull and bones of men have changed. For example, they have a less prominent forehead, a rounder face, etc. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle and the need to live in society. A man with too much testosterone is a warrior, aggressive, etc. Nowadays, it is difficult to live properly in society if you have a high testosterone level.

For International Women’s day, I also reflected on the complementarity of sex hormones (female and male). Indeed, we need the sex hormones that are predominant in the other sex and vice versa.

A higher testosterone level in a woman makes all the difference. It reduces the risk of depression, gives a determined character, improves the ability to play sports and, in the long term, it is likely to play a key role in life expectancy. In fact, a study showed that Okinawan centenarian women had, on average, 2.5 times more testosterone than 70-year-old Americans.

Female hormones are also very important for the male sex. Men who have very little estrogen (the main female hormone) have weaker bones (osteoporosis), are more likely to have mood disorders, and have less attractive looks. Men who have low levels of progesterone (the other female hormone), the other type of female hormone, can more easily develop male pattern baldness and enlarged prostate.

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