Find the essentials of Brussels according to Dr. Hertoghe: neighborhoods, museums, parks … Discover all the good addresses of the city!

The Musts

The Atomium

Unavoidable icon of Brussels, the Atomium is today the most popular tourist attraction of Europe’s Capital. The Atomium offers today: the most beautiful panorama (360°) over Brussels, a permanent exhibition about the history of the building, temporary exhibitions with different themes and why not a meal (100% Belgian) over the panoramic view of the city.


The Grand Place

La Grand Place (Great Square in English) is the central, geographic and historic heart of Brussels, as well as one of the most memorable squares in Europe. This lively cobbled square is part of the most beautiful seventeenth-century architectural ensemble in Belgium.


Manneken Pis

This bronze statuette created in the 17th century embodies the irreverent spirit of Brussels. From being a public fountain, the little fellow has now become a legendary figure. He has been given numerous costumes and decorations and his wardrobe now comprises some 800 items, recently restyled in an appealing scenography (see Museum of the City of Brussels).


Le Mont des Arts

The Mont des Arts garden is located below the Place Royale, it provides a green transition between the top and bottom of the city, between the Place Royale and the Grand Place found in the historic center of Brussels.


Le Palais Royal et son parc

The Royal Palace is the administrative residence of the King. He works there daily with his collaborators. The palace can be visited only a few weeks during the year, so make sure to book your visit. While discovering the Royal Palace, enjoy a stroll in the Royal Parc, the first public park in Brussels. As you wend your way along the paths, you’ll come across secluded little leafy clearings, a bandstand, a theater, two fountains and a few kiosks serving refreshments. A spot which radiates tranquility.


“Quartier du Sablon”

The “Quartier du Sablon” is renowned for its dynamism and architectural richness. I recommend you to go for a walk and enjoy the buildings and their facades of the 17th and 18tj century, international galleries, the church of Notre-Dame du Sablon or the Palace of Justice. The area is full of terraces, cafés, and breweries. A must!



Law Courts of Brussels

You feel (almost) dizzy facing this amazing building. Everything is done to impress, both inside and out. It is a symbolic place, bearer of a heavy history. It is one of the most impressive monuments in Brussels, offering a breathtaking panorama on the lower part of the city.


The “bois de la Cambre”

Just a few minutes away from the clinic, you can discover this beautiful landscaped park of over 120 hectares where people like to meet, walk, play sports or eat. Located in the heart of Uccle, the Bois de la Cambre is classified as a special “Natura 2000” conservation area.




Brussels is a city rich in artists and exhibitions. Find a selection of Dr. Hertoghe’s favorite museums:

Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, located in the heart of Brussels, contains more than twenty thousand works, paintings, sculptures, and drawings. The collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium covers a period stretching from the 15th to the 21st century. It offers a vast panorama of Western art and includes remarkable collections of works by Belgian and ancient artists.

📍 Rue de la Régence 3, 1000 Brussels


The Museum of Musical Instruments

With its collection of more than 1100 musical instruments, the MIM has one of the largest and most extraordinary collection of musical instruments. Do not miss the restaurant that offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the city.

📍 Rue Montagne de la Cour 2, 1000 Brussels
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The Magritte Museum

This museum gathers more than 200 works from the collection of the Belgian surrealist painter. This is the richest collection of Magritte. Do not miss the famous painting « Ceci n’est pas une pipe ».

📍 Rue de la Régence 3, 1000 Brussels
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In this museum, exhibition, concerts, theater, cinema, and literature are in the spotlight. The architecture of the building highlights the works as well as their originality.

📍 Rue Ravenstein 16 – 1000 Brussels


In this museum you will get an insight on European politics; explanations of the stages of European integration, the functioning of the Parliament, the work of the deputies. The tour lasts about 90 minutes, and is accessible to all ages and in 24 different languages.

📍 Place du Luxembourg 100, 1050 Brussels

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Africa Museum

One of the most beautiful and most impressive museums on Africa: you will be immersed in the natural diversity of this continent, listening to languages and traditional music.

📍  Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren

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Musée Horta

This master building, located in Saint Gilles, is an Art Nouveau building consisting of the architect’s home and his studio. In recent years, the museum has been expanded to house archives on Art Nouveau but also to organize temporary exhibitions.

📍 Rue Américaine 25, 1060 Brussels

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Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

This long passage dating from the 19th century is covered by a sublime glazing arcade. You will find in these galleries’ major Belgian brands: Neuhaus the famous chocolatier to whom we owe the praline, leather goods at Delvaux … as well as many other luxurious brands.

📍 Galerie de la Reine 36, 1000 Brussels

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Peinture Fraiche

This sublime bookstore, located in the Chatelain neighborhood, has found the right compromise between books that are found everywhere and those that cannot be found anywhere else.

📍 Rue du Tabellion, Notarisstraat 10, 1050 Brussels



This bookstore located in the Galerie des Princes is spread over three floors. The decoration is majestic: mirrored walls, gold leaf, and displays of books. If you’re looking for books, comic books, posters or maps, you’ve come to the right place!


📍 Galerie des Princes 11, 1000 Brussels