The main hormones to prevent osteoporosis

For World Osteoporosis Day, let’s discuss the main hormones influencing bone health.

As explained two days ago in the post on World Menopause Day, which I invite you to read, menopause is linked to a decline in anabolic hormones.
This imbalance leads to reduced bone production, resulting in osteoporosis.

Although osteoporosis is less frequent in men, it can occur in the case of testosterone deficiency.

In both men and women, we advise rebalancing the essential hormones that are involved by taking hormone replacement therapy:
+ In women: Estrogen
+ In both sexes: Testosterone
+ In both sexes: DHEA, the precursor of sex hormones
+ In both sexes: Growth Hormone, which influences bone mineral content and density
This supplementation will help preserve your bone health.

It is also crucial to remember that sports are an essential part of maintaining excellent bone quality.