The Hormone Summer Festival #3: Testosterone in Men & Women


Testosterone in men

Testosterone protects against obesity and diabetes and decreases the severity and incidence of these diseases by reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass, and by increasing the efficacy of insulin…Read+

Testosterone in Women

Testosterone improves the mood and assertiveness, reduces depression and anxiety…Read+

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Onset of Testosterone Deficiency in Male

Men who have been testosterone deficient since childhood or early puberty tend to look less masculine as they have not developed all the typical signs of virilization.Their body is not fully sexually mature…Read+




Can testosterone cause prostate cancer? or prevent its occurence?

In fact, there is no conclusive evidence that testosterone may cause prostate cancer in men. On the contrary, there are serious indications that taking testosterone supplements could protect against the occurrence of prostate cancer…Read+

How often does testosterone deficiency occur in men?

Many epidemiological studies wrongly take the lower limit reference of a hormone as the threshold below which there is a deficiency in the hormone, in this case, testosterone. However, the lower and upper limits and the reference interval between these two of hormone…Read+
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