The Hormone Diet – Dr. Hertoghe & Dre. Vranken

Here are some tips to improve your hormone levels in a natural way, by adopting the « hormone diet ».

First of all, it is better to choose fresh and organic products. They are currently found in many small shops, supermarkets and markets.

The hormone diet requires a daily intake of a sufficient amount of protein. Starting the day with protein is ideal: eggs, meat, vegetable protein … The protein should be cooked at low temperature (below 85°) to avoid the reaction of Maillard – the degradation of amino acids during cooking causes the typical crunchy browning of foods. These molecules give taste, but are toxic and carcinogenic-.
Eating enough protein in the morning gives you good levels of energy and eliminates any feeling of hunger during the day. It is better to avoid coffee, tea, excitants that decrease your hormone production. Herbal teas and still water are the ideal drinks.
For lunch, I advise you to consume more protein than in the morning with a salad, vegetables, germinated seeds (raw or cooked).

Fruits are to be consumed outside meals and before 4PM to be well assimilated and digested. Favor fruits such as berries that are less sweet.
In the evening, avoid eating protein otherwise the liver will be clogged with amino acids and will turn less inactive thyroid hormones (T4) into active hormones (T3). The ideal evening meal is a dish of cooked vegetables, which can be a pleasure for the eyes and taste buds: « the gourmet Picasso plate ».

Good fats such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil should be part of every meal in reasonable quantities. Add a bit of oil on your vegetables, for example (try to vary the types of oils). Do not forget to chew your food well to impregnate them with saliva, because the salivary enzymes pre-digest the food and prepare it for the passage in the stomach that will be relieved of some of the work.

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