The benefits of a fulfilling sexual life

Do you know the benefits of sex?

Sexual intercourse can …

| Decrease or eliminate headaches! Oxytocin, an anesthetic hormone, is 5 times more important during an orgasm. The oxytocin levels are at their peak when you have an orgasm.

| Help you sleep better. For men, a high level of oxytocin has a soporific effect. On the other hand, for women, it is the opposite. Oxytocin keeps a woman awake. What will help her sleep is the appeasement and the relief post coitus.

| Reduce depression. During sexual intercourse, oxytocin stimulates a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

| Prevent prostate cancer! The more a man has sex, the less likely he is to get prostate cancer. We do not quite know the reason. It is possible that infectious germs or toxic substances are eliminated by sperm or simply that men who have intercourse have high levels of testosterone, which protects against prostate cancer.