Say Goodbye to Acne !

Some of my patients complain of severe and persistent acne. Acne often occurs in cases of zinc and vitamin A deficiency. Acne due to a lack of zinc is more purulent (infected). Zinc is important for the healing of skin lesions, people deficient in this trace element must be careful not to touch their lesions or pierce them to evacuate the purulent fluid, as this would cause deep and irreversible scars. Taking oral or local vitamin A (in cutaneous application) has proved its efficiency, but the oral route seems effective only at high dosage.

Bad eating habits can also cause severe acne. Gut inflammation causes pimples on the chin and lower face. To eliminate them it is very important to pay attention to your diet. You must eliminate all gluten, dairy, sugar, carbs (except for brown rice and red quinoa, to consume with moderation) and cooked fats. Another tip I could give you is to eat correctly for your blood type! In fact, according to your blood type, there are some foods you can and cannot eat. More information to come.

Acne may also be caused by hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, it is necessary to stop taking other hormone treatment to rebalance your hormonal levels. Depending on the treatment followed, the interruption varies. For example, if a patient is being treated with DHEA and testosterone in parallel, I recommend that they stop it for 2 months. Once the acne is gone, the treatments can, of course, resume.

*Consult a doctor before starting a treatment.