Replay – Beyond the basics: Harnessing the potential of lesser known hormones

I had the pleasure of being invited by Karen Martel, who is a Certified Hormone Specialist and women’s weight loss expert.

She is committed to providing exceptional care to women in pre and post-menopause.


Join us in this exciting episode as we dive into the world of lesser-known hormones!


In this episode, we cover a wealth of valuable information:


+ Demystifying the myths about growth hormone.

+ Unveiling the potential of hormone therapy to make you look and feel younger.

+ Discovering how peptides can support your hormone treatment.

+ Transforming your body composition for a whole new you.

+ Identifying physical signs of decreased thyroid hormone levels.

+ Understanding the factors behind thyroid hormone deficiency.

+ Revealing the most significant stimulator of thyroid function.

+ Unraveling the intricate connection between emotions and hormones.

+ Learning how your thyroid plays a crucial role in heart function.

+ Exploring how melatonin protects your heart from damage.

+ Emphasizing the safety and benefits of melatonin supplementation.

+ Finding the right cortisol dosage that suits you.

+ Discovering how oxytocin supplementation can be life-changing.

+ Understanding the various forms of oxytocin available.

+ Delving into the benefits of Pregnenolone and what it offers.

+ Recognizing when your growth hormone starts to decline.

+ Considering hormone therapy pre-menopause and its advantages.

+ The power of a 24-hour urine test in revealing insights about your hormones.

+ Unpacking what DHEA is, along with its benefits and side effects.


Empower yourself on your journey to better hormone health!


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