Relax – Constriction in the neck

In case of severe stress, some patients have the feeling of suffocating and are constantly feeling their thyroid. This is called the “Neck Syndrome”.

There are 4 possible causes:

| Too low or too high thyroid hormones: If your thyroid levels are too low, you need to gradually increase your dosage up to 30 mg/day. The other physical signs are: swollen lower eyelids, puffy face in the morning, somnolence when you don’t move, cold hands and feet. If your thyroid levels are too high, stop immediately your treatment for 2 days and start retaking 30 mg/day (in the morning). Physical signs are: nervousness, heat sensation, excessive sweating, not sleeping well, excessive fear.

| Mineral Deficiencies: Check your magnesium and calcium. In case of magnesium deficiency, take twice a day a tablet of 400 mg of magnesium (1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening, until all your symptoms disappear). If you have diarrhea, decrease to 1 tablet a day. You might recognize some of these symptoms: irritability, tensed muscles, cramps, fear… In case of calcium deficiency, take 1000 mg of elemental calcium per day (before bedtime). The deficiency is characterized by spasms in the entire body with tingling sensations in the mouth and in the hands.


| A high intake of acids and caffeinated drinks: caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea…) and food (sweets, chocolate…) stimulate hyperthyroidism which makes patients lose minerals.

| Cortisol deficiency: this deficiency is characterized by a low resistance to stress, an inflammation, low energy… Increase your cortisol treatment by 33-66%. You can take up to 1¼ of a tablet for 7 days. After a week, revert to 1 tablet per day.

*Consult a doctor before starting a treatment.