Jet Lag

It’s the holiday period, the time to travel and enjoy with your family and friends! But what to do against jet lag? I recommend my patients to increase their intake of hydrocortisone when traveling westward.  Why isn’t it the other way around? When traveling to the east, the day is shorter and thus you must take a lower dosage in order to be able to fall asleep earlier.

The next 3 to 7 days, I recommend taking higher doses of hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone that are necessary to treat jetlag. If the jet lag is more than 6 hours, double the dosage of both the first 3 days. For the 3 following days, take 50% more than usual.

In every hormone therapy it is important to take the treatment at the right time: hydrocortisone upon awakening (and also at lunch if possible) and melatonin at bedtime.

Would you like to know more about sleep and melatonin? It’s this way!


*Consult a Doctor before starting a treatment.