How to treat hyperthyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is not uncommon. When I examine my patients, I pay attention to various signs of thyroid excess: trembling fingers, tachycardia, permanently sweating skin, eyes too prominent, etc. To this is added, of course, quite specific laboratory tests. Once the disorder is determined a treatment can be started!

I recommend starting with 3x ½ tablet of antithyroid medication for 6 weeks. Thereafter the dose can go down to 2x ¼ a day, and this for 3 months. For the final phase take ¼ tablet per day during the last 3 months of treatment. You must also take a beta-blocker for a few months. Finally, it is important to take a double dose of multivitamin preparation and 3 drops of iodine a day.

If you follow a good treatment you can say goodbye to nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, sensations of heat, …

*Consult a Doctor before starting a treatment