Feel amazing after 50 : A boost for menopause!

My colleague Dr. Benoit Poutet explains the benefits of a treatment with female hormones by telling us about one of his patients of fifty years, menopausal. The patient takes Oestrogel which will allow her to improve her mood, protect her bones and her cardiovascular system, to have a good vaginal lubrication for a more fulfilling and less painful sex life.

Added to this, Dr. Poutet recommends to take progesterone that will calm her, soothe her, allow her to recover a more recuperative sleep and therefore be full of energy for the next day. The testosterone that the patient takes will improve her self-confidence, her self-esteem, her libido, her endurance, her bone and muscular quality, fight against depression … In short, she will strengthen physical and mental aspects.

*Consult a doctor before starting a treatment.