Factsheet: Look after your hormones, they will look after you!

The body contains more than one hundred different types of hormones, and they pour into your bloodstream at the rate of thousands of billions units per day. Hormones regulate your heartbeat and your breathing. Hormones make men “men” and women “women”. Hormones put you to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning. They control your blood pressure. They build bone, maintain muscle tone, and lubricate joints. Hormones govern growth. They make the body produce energy and heat. Hormones burn fat. Hormones govern the menstrual cycle and allow pregnancy (and birth) to occur. They fight stress, prevent fatigue, calm anxiety, and relieve depression. Hormones make and keep memories. Hormones maintain the correct level of sugar in the blood and tissues. They resist allergic reactions and infections. They soothe pain. Hormones control your sex drive, virility, and fertility. They stimulate your brain and your immune system.

Hormones are crucial to every single function of the human body. No one can live without them.

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