Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones: adverse health effects and how to protect oneself

The latest studies on electromagnetic fields (EMF) show it is time to set up new strong preventative actions to protect public health. Electromagnetic fields can be a problem in the development of the fetus and the growth of children. Recently, the American National Toxicology Program’s study (2016) found a clear link between radiofrequency radiation from mobile phones and malignant gliomas of the brain and schwannomas in the heart of rats.

Professor Olle Johansson emphasizes:  “There is an urgent need for completely independent research projects to be inaugurated to ensure our public health. These projects must be entirely independent of all types of commercial interests. Public health cannot have a price-tag!”

“There is a clear responsibility of the democratically elected body of every country”, adds Professor Johansson. Scientific and public health reports are clear:


  1. Low-intensity (non-thermal) bio effects and adverse health effects are demonstrated at levels significantly below existing exposure standards.
  2. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE/FC) public safety limits are inadequate and obsolete with respect to prolonged, low-intensity exposures.
  3. New, biologically-based public exposure standards are urgently needed to protect public health worldwide.
  4. It is not in the public interest to wait.


To read more:

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