Eat according to your blood type

What should you eat according to your blood type?


Factsheet : How to eat well according to your blood type?

What are the particularities of each group?

| Group O – The hunters🏹: Most of the first men came from this group and survived on hunting (insects, animals) and collecting from the ground (berries, leaves). Individuals from this blood type are therefore meat eaters and have a robust digestive tract. On the other hand, they are strongly intolerant to nutritional and environmental changes.

| Group A – The Farmers👨‍🌾: These men began to settle and cultivate. They, therefore, have a rather vegetarian diet and do not bear a diet rich in meat.

| Group B – The Warriors🗡: Their diet is balanced, close to nature and has a large variety of foods. It brings together the best of the animal kingdom, O, and vegetable kingdom: A.

| Group AB – The Humanists👨‍🎓: This blood type is of great biological complexity because it inherits both group A and group B characters. People in this group adapt well to changing environmental and dietary conditions.