Dr. Hertoghe’s Clinic in Paris

I am delighted to announce that Clinique Hertoghe is opening its consultation in Paris.

Dr. Marc Naett, who has worked alongside me for several years, will welcome you in the French capital. He treats with 15 different hormones and develops a complete functional medicine that takes into consideration the aspects of nutrition and micronutrition. He is interested in the intestinal microbiota, which is an important point for hormonal metabolism and for general physiological balance.

Practical details:
Where? 81 Rue d’Amsterdam, 7500 Paris
When? Every other Friday between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.
How? ‘Or’ What? Make an appointment with our secretaries by phone at +32 2 736 68 68 or by e-mail: secretary@hertoghe.eu