Boost Yourself

Everybody needs to follow a growth hormone treatment from the age of 35. A growth hormone treatment can change someone’s life. A person that feels tired and used will feel fresh again with this treatment!

What are the benefits of such a treatment? First of all, it is beneficial for your mental capacities. Everything seems clearer, it is easier to find solutions, to multitask, to reach inner peace. Anybody with good growth hormone levels will be calmer which will give a psychological strength. If the levels are too low, one will feel exhausted.

Growth hormone is also very efficient to reduce fat and increase your muscles. Growth hormone is one of the two most important hormones in anti-aging.

Growth hormone deficiency is best treated by injections. Women usually need higher doses (20 to 35 % more). There are different areas where you may inject: abdomen, thigh (ventral and external sides), side of the buttocks. It is important to change the injection site regularly. For example, start injecting on the lateral side of the abdomen and every day, move the injection site lower by two finger widths until the pubis is almost reached.


*Consult a Doctor before starting a treatment.