Blue Monday

Depression is often linked to a decrease in hormone levels. If you feel down in the morning, you probably lack thyroid. If your depression follows you throughout the day, then you probably have a deficiency in sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). What about depression linked to stress? As I explained to you last week, this type of depression is linked to cortisol deficiency.

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What you may not know is that the lack of thyroid in the morning is due to protein intake in the evening. Fish and meat will put the body in hypothyroidism for 10 hours and you will feel depressed (slowing down the conversion of the T4 hormone in active T3 hormone). Sugar consumed in large quantities causes 8 hormonal deficiencies; therefore, our good and beloved Belgian chocolate would be associated with depression (GH, cortisol, sex hormones, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, DHEA, androstenedione, aldosterone).

Know also that natural morning light can help your sleep a lot. In fact, it increases the cortisol by at least 50% and allows to sleep well the next night thanks to higher levels of melatonin.

Figure out if you have a thyroid deficiency by doing the test 👇🏼

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Dr Benoit Poutet’s tips

On this most depressing day of the year, let me share with you a personal experience I had with a patient in her mid-fifties who is undergoing hormonal treatment. The patient takes oestrogel which will allow her to improve her mood, protect her bones, her cardiovascular system, allow her to have a good vaginal lubrication for a sex life more fulfilling and especially less painful.

Added to this, I recommended her to take progesterone that will calm her, soothe her, allow her to recover a more recuperative sleep and therefore be full of energy for the next day. The testosterone that the patient takes will improve her self-confidence, her self-esteem, her libido, her endurance, her bone and muscular quality, fight against depression … In short, she will strengthen physical and mental aspects.

In some cases, for example in patients whose adrenal glands are put to the test (confirmed by a blood and urine test), such as burn-out, pre-burnout, etc… the addition of hydrocortisone can optimize the patient’s fight against major stress and anxiety by making it more resistant to these external mental aggressions. Other hormones can also help the well-being, oxytocin which can, for example, stimulate and strengthen the social and emotional bond.

I wish you a wonderful day to live intensely, laugh, enjoy!

⚠ Warning, these tips have been given after specific analyzes of the patient. Consult a doctor before starting any treatment.

My patient’s experience

Dr François Vanheer’s tips

Last tip of the day of my colleague François Van Heer:

For the Blue Monday, we all need a little boost! What hormones or supplements do you need to tone you up?

Feeling blue during the winter? You don’t know how to cope with it? During this cold season, your thyroid levels are often weak. You could use a little tyrosine to activate it and feel more energetic.
Tryptophan is another amino acid that helps you regulate your emotions. It promotes your production of serotonin, a natural antidepressant. Do you sleep less well or have a poor quality sleep? Tryptophan can also help you because it stimulates melatonin that helps you fully enjoy a good night of sleep.

And if you’re more of a nervous type and find difficulty in sleeping, Gaba can soothe your nervous system. Be careful not to take to much of it because it would make you feel sad in the morning !