Anti Stress Fruit Salad

Fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is mainly concentrated in the adrenal glands where it stimulates the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, the stress hormones. For this reason, the need for vitamin C increases under stress. Under stress, eat more fruits !

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Anti Stress Fruit salad

Ingredients for 4 p. : recommended fruits for the salad: 4 cups of : sweet pineapple, papayas, red apples, passion fruit, pomegranates. Marinade: 4 cups of filtered orange juice, 2 stars of anis, 1 vanilla stick, 6 cardamom seeds, 3 tbsp raw honey (optional)

Cut the fruits into small pieces, do not peel the red apples, open the pomegranates and take off the red “pearls”.
Mix the fruit in a dish.

On low heat, warm the orange juice and spices in a low heat saucepan for 10min. Filter the spices and pour the mixture on the fruit salad.

Place in deep plates, placing the fruit salad in a small mound.

Pour some almond milk all around (optional)

Enjoy !

From @cuisinedelenergie