A hug full of hormones

This Sunday, January 21st, we will celebrate the International Hug Day! The perfect opportunity for me to talk about these hormones that fill us with joy. If you give nice and comforting hugs, you probably have the perfect hormonal cocktail in you!

Oxytocin is the key natural hormone of affection and happiness. When you are surrounded by your loved ones, cuddle, kiss, caress, etc., it has a direct influence on your oxytocin level. This hormone makes you want to meet others, to share emotions with them, to feel attached to someone, to be tender, etc.

Did you know that …

| During breastfeeding, oxytocin creates the visible link of affection and the invisible bond of love between a mother and her child?

| Thyroid hormones revive the tactile sensitivity that is progressively lost with age?

| Oxytocin makes orgasms more intense?

| Oxytocin can slow the growth of cancer cells: for breast cancer, endometrial cancer (uterine lining of the uterus), ovarian cancer and prostate cancer?

| Gaba, this amino acid, makes us feel the vibrations on the skin more intensely?

| Oxytocin has cardioprotective effects: by dilating the coronary arteries, those that supply the heart with blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients?

| Excess of estrogen produces a feeling of nervousness in women, which does not allow oxytocin to express itself as a hormone of affection?

| Testosterone has a progestin effect, it means that it will calm estrogen which will make a nervous woman calmer?

My advice for this day: no restraint on hugs! 🙂

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