Dr Vanessa Luymoeyen

Special andropause and menopause consultation with Dr. Luymoeyen

“Passionate about medicine focused on the specific needs of each individual, which addresses the whole person, I joined the team of Doctor Thierry Hertoghe to practice cutting-edge hormonal therapies. My consultation will focus specifically on thyroid and sex hormone treatments (female and male).

Specialized in nutrition, I attach particular importance to the questioning and clinical examination of my patients. My goal is to help the patient by identifying and treating the root cause of their complaints rather than just treating their symptoms.

In consultation, I enjoy taking my time to look upstream and understand the complex web of interactions between personal and family history, genetics and lifestyle including its physical and social environment.

With this in mind, the hormonal treatments that I use cure deficiencies, optimize health and well-being and fight against the effects of aging.”

Languages : FR / EN /

Doctorate in Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth

Specialization in general medicine

Certificate in Occupational Medicine and Toxicology

Training in Anti-Aging Medicine

Inter-University Diploma in Human Nutrition

Training in Nutritherapy

Diploma in Neuro-Nutrition

Diploma in medical acupuncture

Training in cold infectious diseases

Training in micro-immunotherapy

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