Sea Bream and Thyme

Sea Bream cooked with thyme, served with mashed celery

Cooked at low temperature, respecting the principles of my book : Le Régime Hormone

Ingredients for 4 people:
10 sea bream fillets without their skin
1 bunch of tender thyme
2.5 glasses of olive oil
1 celery ball
1/4 sachet of fisherman’s seaweed
The juice of 3 lemons
½ clove of garlic
1/3 glass boiling water
Salt (Guerande salt if possible)
Freshly ground pepper
5 sprigs of flat parsley

Ask your fishmonger to clean the fish fillets (without the skin). `
Marinate them in a glass of olive oil with ½ bunch of thyme. Reserve.

Peel and cut the celery ball into pieces and cook them in water until tender, with the juice of a lemon. Mash them with a potato masher and add a little olive oil + salt. Add the fisherman’s seaweed and set aside.

Prepare the sauce: in a blender, pour 1 glass of olive oil, the juice of 2 lemon, ½ bunch of fresh thyme, ½ clove of garlic, ½ glass of boiling water, salt.
Mix finely. Adjust seasoning.

Preheat the oven to 80 ° C. and insert the sea bream fillets on the plate.
Cook until whitening (about 15 minutes).

To serve :
1) Heat the plates
2) Place a fillet of sea bream on each plate, 2 tablespoons of sauce, 2 dumplings of mashed celery
3) Serve immediately and enjoy !