hormone deficiency & anxiety

To find out what hormone deficiency is behind your #anxieties, check when they appear.

If #fear appears in the morning upon awakening and disappears thereafter, reappearing when you sit down and rest, the #anxiety is likely caused or aggravated by #thyroiddeficiency and is likely to disappear with #thyroid treatment. If you feel #anxious all day, moderately but persistently enough to make you complain, then the anxiety is due to #sexhormone and/or #DHEA deficiencies. If the anxiety is overwhelming, think of #growthhormone deficiency as the likely cause. If you feel anxious at night, #melatonin or growth hormone deficiency may be the most likely causes.


+ People affected with #hypothyroidism may wake up with fear of getting out of bed because they feel it is better to be sheltered there than to get up and enter a world full of danger. In the other hand, people affected with #hyperthyroidism are very nervous, have #tremors#sleeping disorders, and increased sweating.

+ Low levels of #androgens, such as #testosterone and DHEA, are associated with excessive levels of #adrenaline#noradrenaline, and #neurotransmitters linked to greater levels of fear and #nervousness.

+ People who are affected with a relatively severe degree of growth hormone deficiency are generally overwhelmed with anxiety for no reason and often suffer from #phobias.

#Progesterone deficiency is associated with more anxiety during the daytime, especially in the premenstrual phase, and disturbs sleep at night.

#Melatonin deficiency is accompanied by an anxiety characterized by worrying all the time, preventing the person from falling asleep (#insomnia).