Devenez expert en thérapies nutritionnelles !

Would you like to specialize in nutritional therapies with a brand new program? Dr. Hertoghe has prepared a tailored program.

Become an expert in nutritional therapies with 11 courses :

  1. Immunity with nutritional therapies: Dietary, environmental, and lifestyle therapies
  2. Immunity with Nutritional therapies
  3. Inflammation with nutritional therapies
  4. Reversing physical aging: Dietary, environmental, and lifestyle therapies
  5. Reversing the aging of the 5 senses with hormone and nutritional therapies
  6. Female hormone supplementation (estrogen & progesterone) in pre-and post-menopause : Nutritional treatments
  7. Female hormone disorders: Nutritional treatments
  8. Fatigue, Burnout, and post-traumatic brain injury syndrome: Dietary and nutritional supplementations for fatigue
  9. Thyroid supplementation – Hypothyroidism: Treatment
  10. Melatonin supplementation – Melatonin Deficiency: Treatment
  11. Testosterone deficiency in men: diagnosis and nutritional treatment

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