Apricot & melon juice

Enjoy this healthy, nutritious and tasty juice!

Were you aware that juices are tastier when fruits and vegetables are organic and ripe ?
Discover here below some benefits of these ingredients:

| Apricot is very rich in beta carotene which is essential for the growth and protection of bones and teeth.

| Source of vitamins C and B and rich in carotene, the peach has a good action on the health of the skin.

| The melon is rich in mineral salts, potassium and calcium, it helps to eliminate excess water and thus helps to limit swelling.

| The dark color of the carrot comes from its numerous pigments. They would contribute to prevent several diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

| Orange blossom helps to calm the nervous system. It is thanks to its monoterpenes, mainly linalool, and sesquiterpenes that we owe its tranquilizing and light antidepressant effects.