Apple juice

Enjoy this healthy, #nutritious, and tasty juice!

Discover some of the benefits of these ingredients below:

| The apple is effective in giving energy: very rich in vitamins, especially C, A, and B but also full of minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, zinc …), the apple is both energy and cellular protector.

| With its high-water content and satiating fiber, spinach is a #slimming friend. By promoting transit and detoxification, it helps maintain a flat stomach by contributing to good digestive health.

| The richness in water (96%) of the cucumber confers diuretic and draining virtues. Well provided in fibers, it takes part in the good functioning of the intestinal transit.

| Lemon is characterized by a high content of vitamin C, which is involved in major functions of the body: defense against viral and #bacterial infections, protection of blood vessel walls, iron assimilation, antioxidant action, and #healing