14-16 December – A4M – Longevity Fest 2023: Levelling Up Healthcare – Las Vegas, USA (EN)

From December 14th to 16th, I will be in Las Vegas, USA, for the Longevity Fest 2023: Levelling Up Healthcare Congress 2023, organized by A4M.

🎤 Main session: How useful is adult growth hormone therapy to overcome exhaustion and increase recovery?

🗓 Thursday, December 14th from 8:30-9:00 am

📍 A4M Longevity Fest 2023 in Las Vegas, USA

To make longevity and healthy aging a priority for modern healthcare, we must close the detrimental knowledge gap by extending education on the industry’s latest developments to clinical practice. LongevityFest 2023: Levelling Up Healthcare takes on the challenge, presenting healthcare professionals with the latest healthy longevity innovations and their applications in clinical practice. Harnessing the power of science, medicine, and technology advancements, we propose a new vision for healthcare and help practitioners unlock their full potential. The record-breaking, industry-disrupting medical education event is the ultimate gathering of clinicians, researchers, and innovators, all dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge of longevity and healthcare.

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